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Pause, rewind, fast forward: A birthday retrospective commemorating the 1867 building of the first permanent schoolhouse in San Ramon

Pause for a moment and hit rewind photographs memories and storylines You’ll have to go back 150 years to find the roots of today’s celebration…   Once dreamers and schemers and pioneers staked their claim to the future, not the … Continue reading

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Labor Day

the heat has driven them from their hidden homes this dizzying ribbon of scurrying ants this furious swarm of circling bees while I sit here alone, in silence, watching in unmoving lethargy

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Always, For You

Sometimes the silence is too much Settling over me like a shroud Heavy and dark and oppressive A loneliness that takes hold of my heart   Unspeakable loss Unspeakable grief Unspeakable sorrow   What might have been      What could … Continue reading

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