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A Literary Prayer (with a nod to Irish Writer Samuel Beckett who made famous the literary truism that all poetry is prayer)

We are thought leaders in the library space This space to Inquire                                     Imagine                                                       Innovate                                                                         Inspire A place where words take wing when we commit to the power of 10 building a culture of digital literacy and citizenship … Continue reading

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Turning Point

  Once upon a lifetime ago You breathed your way into the world Beginning the story that is your life   Through moments and days and months and years Every weird and wondrous and wicked thing you’ve seen Everything you’ve … Continue reading

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Haiku Filibuster

This summer’s day stand Is not selling lemonade words not guns, our plea

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  Every year we gather To remember for one day The lives of those who are no more The lives of those who once were dedicated to the truth that all men are created equal that life, liberty and the … Continue reading

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