Poetry Chapbook

Avians of Mourning by Kate McCarroll Moore

Kate Moore‘s Avians of Mourning is one of the most beautifully thought out and complete elegies I have ever read. Her vision finds the connection between the fine details and the impact that loss and grief have on the whole, resulting in a tribute that is every bit as much celebration as grieving.”

–Paul Corman Roberts, author of We Shoot Typewriters

“Avians of Mourning by Kate McCarroll Moore holds a daughter’s love in careful hands. Richly layered with strong, gentle images, from a father’s song to a little brown wren, from a found penny to a green sea, each line lights a candle in your heart. Kate’s poems gracefully fly from each page, honoring and haunting in equal measure.”

–Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, author of Every Day Birds and Poems Are Teachers