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Into the Rain

Safeway parking lot early morning, almost light lone duck waddle-wanders between the lines across the vast, aimless and unhurried while we rush past  

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Sky for Lunch

  Heart centered day today Rouses me from stacks and lists Rising from my desk I turn And detour out the door Aged all-knowing treebark face Winks with grace and praise      Lunch today is a piece of sky Served … Continue reading

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January Rains

  An arsenal of clouds Rolling strong across This winter sky Gun-metal grey and angry   We’ve been waiting for this, poised and ready Supplicant Saving the rinse water Letting the flowers go A penance for our excesses  

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Yesterday my niece Allissa texted me the poem she had just hung in her new classroom. Do you remember sending me this? she wrote. Indeed I do. It’s a poem I sent to her when she began teaching kindergarten a … Continue reading

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Salon Blues

She’s praying for a miracle Or maybe two And the light in her eyes has grown dark Speaking poetry and humming, she washes my hair The hours are long, her faith is waning So she talks babies and better days While … Continue reading

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While the Baby Sleeps

Orange cup without a handle steeping afternoon tea a bit of peace and quiet time holds this day without a plan or another place to be

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Not yet two He pushes the lawn mower back and forth, back and forth Just like his daddy Stands with one foot propped against the fence Pounding invisible nails with a red plastic hammer Studying the world outside

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Let There Be Light

When the lights go out, there is only darkness Cold and empty, empty space at first But slowly, ever so slowly, the lights come on again one by one, powered by memory and ritual and reminders that live on in … Continue reading

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